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What we can
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App For Cornwall

Our all encompassing mobile phone app. Designed to be used by visitors and locals a like. Free to download 

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"Very friendly, helpful staff and welcome packs. Always delivered efficiently for the forthcoming season."

Cottage owner Truro

"Just to say I really appreciate the totally efficient delivery of my packs to distribute and my "voucher"! Brilliant!! And the emails to keep me aware help too. Significant raising of communication - thank you! Well Done !!"

Tracy - Atlantic Lodge

What we can do for you

Seymac offers a range of different products affording each client their most effective target market diffusion.

Leaflet Display Racks

We have over 4,000 leaflet display racks in place throughout Cornwall. These racks are monitored regularly throughout the year and we are able to provide our clients with the pick up rate at each different type of outlet. These statistics are updated weekly and this information is available to our clients at any time of the year.

Information & Events Poster

We produce 2,500 information and events posters each year, which are accepted at major outlets throughout Cornwall. We decided to design this poster to give attractions the opportunity to advertise without having to produce their own individual posters.

Information Packs

We were the first company to offer this service and since 1990 we are proud to announce that over 200,000 families benefit each year from our packs. This facility is offered to the accommodation providers throughout Cornwall and including all major holiday parks, guest houses and cottages. The packs are full of individual leaflets, guides and vouchers.

For One & All Guide

This publication was first produced in 2000 and is one of the most popular composite booklets distributed in Cornwall today. We produce 500,000 copies per annum and these A5 guides are distributed throughout Cornwall and offered to every outlet we visit. Potential visitors will be able to pick up a guide from our leaflet display racks or alternatively will receive one via the information packs we provide. View our online version <here>

Room Browsers

We produce 7,500 A4 browsers each year which are designed to remain at the accommodation. The service is offered to hotels, bed & breakfasts, guest houses and cottages and are designed to compliment the existing display racks and information packs. View our online version <here>

Cornwall Map

New for 2022 our Map of Cornwall, listing dog friendly and lifeguarded beaches all around our beautiful county. Only 24 advertising slots available on the reverse, 200,000 copies distributed county wide per annum.


App for Cornwall

Cornwall's No1 mobile phone app. Free to download. The "must have" app for visitors to Cornwall. Download it now <click here

Why not consider...

Vehicle Advertising

Our fleet of vehicles clock up over 100,000 miles throughout the county visiting all aspects of the tourist industry. Many of our clients choose this as an additional method of advertising.